Our commitment is to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of your orders. To achieve this, it is essential that the address provided is complete and accurate. This includes precise details such as correct abbreviations, street, building or apartment numbers, and any relevant route information.

It is important to note that we are not responsible for lost, misplaced, or incorrectly delivered shipments due to inaccurate or incorrectly entered address information during the purchasing process.

Processing time is a factor independent of shipping period. For all orders, both domestic and international, there is a processing time that may take up to 4 business days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

After your payment is authorized and verified, it may take up to 4 additional business days to process your order. However, it is important to mention that this estimate does not include holidays or weekends.

Regarding shipping costs, we want to inform you that these are non-refundable. If you choose to refuse a shipment, you will be responsible for both the original shipping charges and the cost of returning the package to our company. This amount will be deducted from any payment issued.

In short, we strive to ensure that your orders are delivered efficiently and correctly. Your cooperation in providing accurate and comprehensive address is critical to ensuring a smooth shipping experience.